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We are Tino, Sven, and Sebastian, and together we are W1. We offer many years of experience in the field of personal training and chiropractic medicine. W1 is more than a gym. It is a place where people come together who want to invest in their personal & mental health. If you want to improve your health and reach your goals, W1 is the right place for you! We are here to help you to set your health and lifestyle goals, achieve them in a structured and achievable manner, and create a better you.

Our Professionals

Team of dedicated professionals

About Sebastian

Born in Leipzig, Sebastian grew up in Eilenburg.

Sebastian attended the University of Leipzig and received a diploma degree in Sports Science. In 2010, he and his business partner founded one of the first gyms in Leipzig offering Personal Training. He left the studio in 2018 to focus on his Outdoor Training brand “Das BootCamp”. Sebastian is also passionate about working in the corporate health sector. He has an extensive portfolio working with several companies to improve the health of their employees.

Sebastian has been  a Personal Trainer for more than 12 years, coaching hundreds of clients along the way. His passion accumulated in the development of his own own “Happy Lifestyle Concept”. This concept is about creating a better version of yourself by being consistent with your personal goals, while still keeping happiness and a celebration of life in mind.

His motto  ” Consisteny is king” focuses on training consistently without breakdown or loss of motivation.  If you want to inquire more about Sebastian and his “Happy Lifestyle Concept”, contact him directly via: sebastian@w1gym.de

About Sven

Born 1985 and grew up in Wolfsburg, Sven. He is a former sprinter in the German National Team. He ran the 10th fastest time over the 100m distance. He also competed twice in the Olympic Games as part of the 4×100 m relay German National Team.

In 2007 he attended the “Anglo-European College of Chiropractic” in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, where he received his Master of Chiropractic. Since 2012 he has been working as a Chiropractor in Leipzig.

His focus is to blend rehabilation, prehabiliation and training to give his clients the best possible chance to reach their personal goals.

His own chiropractic clinic is conveniently located in the same building as the W1 gym.

If you want to inquire more about Sven, please contact him directly: Praxis@derchiro.de or visit his website: www.derchiro.de

About Tino

Tino has always been into sports since childhood and discovered his passion for working out and especially helping other people get better or fight pain about 7 years ago. After he finished his education in 2013 and arrived at his professional life, which consisted of 8-10 hours of sedentary office work every day, he developed various problems. E he had become completely sluggish athletically, had back pain more often, and his abdominal girth also went up significantly. That was the moment when the aforementioned fascination for sports and exercise came back. This time, however, he also wanted to know everything in detail – why do we get fat, how do we build up strength, when do pains develop. The list of questions seemed endless.

He attended countless training courses, read many books and exchanged ideas with colleagues. Many questions were answered, new ones arose – a path that probably never ends. However, his knowledge about sports, nutrition and rehabilitation became more and more extensive and professional. He found himself back to his old form, but what was even more important – he had no more pain and felt comfortable in his body again.

You want to know more about Tino and his work, then contact him at: Tino@W1gym.de by.